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Captain Aisha Otieno

Captain Aisha Imani Otieno

Aisha Otieno, captain of the Vengeance, is famous for her work carrying refuses to safety. Particularly during the aftermath of the Expulsion of the Fae from countries like Isendree and Nyrona. Few remember her less glorious days before the expulsion. During that time she was pirate stealing from traders, warships, and even ships carrying refugees.   Before she was captain of the Sailor's Curse, she was the navigator and had little say in what they did. In those days Gavran Carran was captain and he was a merciless man. He was famous for his dealings in the slave trade, which has been internationally outlawed since 948 AnCog. Despite her dislike and disgust for Carran and his work, Otieno was forced to be comfortable with it or face dire consequences. Members of the crew who vocally disagreed with Captain Carran faced ridicule, abuse, enslavement and even death.   Aisha drew the line when she discovered that Carran had begun kidnapping children, during a particularly bad winter when very few ships risked sailing. She confronted Carran about his action on deck one day. When Carran began to threten to kill her, the rest of the crew backed her up and overthrew Carran, locking him up until they reached the next port. Voting for their next captain, the crew chose Aisha for her gumption and courage to confront Carran, who they were all afraid of.   As captain, she stopped their slave worked and did her best to return kidnapped children to their parents. Although they stopped working in the slave trade, Otieno and her crew continued to work as pirates. Shortly after the expulsion of the fae, a young nun who worked at St. Delphinie Rescue Center contacted Aisha begging her to assist them in their efforts to help Fae leave the country. She informed Otieno that if she did not help many of the fae would be killed or kidnapped. Aisha agreed to help. With the help of the nuns, Otieno and her crew smuggled thousands of fae out of Isendree.   After the death of King Sithun of Isendree and the official end of the expulsion, Otieno and her crew went back to their work as pirates, but continued to occasionally pick up refugees. This lasted for several years until Otieno's apprentice Íde Maol Rinn, convinced her that their was still a great need for sailors who were willing to risk their lives to help people get to safety. Since then they have saved thousands of lives and Aisha was even asked to speak on the subject of discrimination at an international conference, though she refused suggesting instead that Íde, who lost family to discrimination against fae, speak instead.


Captain Aisha Otieno


Towards Íde Maol Rinn


Íde Maol Rinn


Towards Captain Aisha Otieno


Date of Birth
3rd of Ordigal, 983 AnCog
Year of Birth
983 AnCog 34 Years old


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