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Sabir Adal Safak Sabir

Sabir Adal Safak Sabir is a cultural icon and hero to the Beirhamin, the last true great warlord of the steppe. The last Beirhamin to forge an empire, an empire that lasted until his death and only fell due to the weakness of his successors. Known as a brave warrior and a brilliant strategist, as well as a magnetic and charismatic leader, Sabir turned a scattered and weak collection of tribes into a force that held the Runberi city-states in terror. Even today, more than 300 years later, Sabir is cultural touchstone to the Beirhamin people, a reminder of a time when they were mighty and independent.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Both Sabir Adal Safak Aysu, Sabir's early life has had to have been pieced together from the oral tradition of the Beirhamin and passed down stories. Very little has been written down, but it is accepted that Sabir was born in the 143rd Year of the Prophet, and his parents were close allies of the Aysu chief at the time. Groomed to be an important warrior of the Aysu tribe, Sabir's successful hunt of a monster that scholars today suppose originated from a shaftbuilder site gained him renown among the tribes.   It is believed he met Ahu Saruhan Kadin Cavad during a diplomatic moot with the Cavad tribe, and her father approved the union with the intention of gaining Sabir as a warrior for his own tribe. Indeed, Sabir would spend the following decade with the Cavad. In 175, chief Saruhan Dost Beren Cavad would die of sudden illness, and Runberi scholars today believe Sabir had him poisoned. Such a rumor has occasionally resurfaced among the Beirhamin as well, but most among them consider it to be an attempt to soil the memory of the Beirhamin hero.   Nevertheless, the timing was convenient for Sabir who had gained allies among the Cavad, and would win the ensuing power struggle to become chief of the Cavad and the Aysu, and combined the tribes under his own new banner.   Until his untimely death in 199, Sabir expanded and consolidated his empire. A firm believer in leading from the front, Sabir would always choose to lead the most important campaigns of the empire himself. He became personally known to the Runberi when he conquered their towns. He died at the age of 56 after returning from an expedition to put down a rebellious constituent tribe of his empire, likely either from a poisoned blade or a simple infection of a wound.


Sabir Adal Safak Sabir


Towards Ahu Saruhan Kadin Sabir


Ahu Saruhan Kadin Sabir


Towards Sabir Adal Safak Sabir


Date of Birth
3rd of March
Date of Death
11th of December
143 199 56 years old

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