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Yarik Solsaer

Long ago, battle spilled over the sands of the world. Great beasts emerged from their slumbering depths to reclaim their superficial domain. Their slumber disturbed by the overwhelming powers that shook the foundations of the world. In that time, every man and woman was called to take arms. One of the champions was name Yarik Solsaer. Yarik, born to a household of devout followers of the empire, took up sword and cried the call to arms. For years, blood continue to spill as generations were wiped from the rolls of time. The greatest warriors were tested beyond their ability, left to cry to their gods with prayers unanswered. Cast into despair, Yarik bound himself with an oath. An oath that was taken. He was given the power to slay the mighty beasts that entered the territories of Anketil. He returned triumphant to his homeland and received an audience with the empire.   Few know of the oath that Yarik made that day, when he bound himself to a Pit Fiend that watched his dismay. The dark power pressed into his mind and made with him a pact. One day, Yarik would bind the soul of the emperor into a magical prison. A ransom that the gods of heaven would be forced to pay. The clever denisens of the hells are ever cunning in their dealings and keep the noose taut on their puppet. Yarik, the great warrior, is forced to carry a mantle of terror unseen. Rumors of war have rekindled Yarik's favor in the eyes of the empire. Drawn again from the safe slumber and exile he forced upon himself, he finds himself prepared to fulfill the oath and regain his freedom. The time draws near when the throne will be empty and no champion present to defend the great capital. All eyes will turn to Yarik.   Unable to share the despair, Yarik bemoans his reckless youth. He can never know what could have been and feuds with his memories of the debt he took. What is the worth of a soul if that soul is not your own? What is the worth of a soul saved by a selfless deed?


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