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Corminar Hallow

Dawn Star

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Corminar Hallow was spawned into existence knowing only his name and his mission. He was spawned into existence by a beholder that had a nightmare about a group of adventurers that had attacked it the day prior. Upon Corminar's existence many of the gods took offense and immediately deemed him improper and order their clerics to kill him. The God of creation saw him as an act of pure creation and sent him a messenger to lead him in the way of the pious. As he trained to be a cleric he saved any town and gain fame throughout the land.

Mental Trauma

Upon his creation he was instinctively instilled with the trauma of the adventuring party that came before him. He dreams of their defeats and deaths and has triggered flashback of moment of their fight with the beholder that spawned him into existence. It leads to moments of disconnection that leave him slow to react in battle.

Personality Characteristics


While over time he has adapted to form his own connection and goals he is instilled with one singular goal upon his creation: Kill the Beholder that killed his namesake party. He doesn't know which Beholder specifically spawned him into existence so most of his free time is sprent investigating any beholder citing in Centoria.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He gained skills and flaws from every member of the party that died fighting the beholder. He is incredible good at slight of hand and deception. He is a skilled fighter and a decent tracker.   He is inept at stealth and physical challenges along with survival.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is prone to gambling, and pickpocketing from individuals. He is typically non confrontational preferring to slip away while others fight.   When it comes to his motivation he is very short sighted. When he comes face to face with a beholder of a similar creature he enters a blood rage and will do everything in his power to kill the Beholder even at the sacrifice of allies.
Circumstances of Birth
Corminar was not born. He was suddenly spawned into existence
Dark blue eyes, wide eyes, deepset with prominent brow
dark brown hair, very short and disheveled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white skin, freckles

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