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Pirate King


Has the bloodline taken via bloodtheft as it seems to have a spark that stays with this particular one as it is passed round.


Has to have been given or have killed the owner of the previous bloodline via bloodtheft.


Whatever duties they give themselves.   It is implied the ruler needs to connect with the place of power but not every King does this.


Defines the guidlines that pirates in Cerilia will use.


Access to a place of power and unique abilities, as well as a nation that might be willing to do whatever they decree.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death is the method of removal. Normally bloodtheft.


This title has been passed from king to king through murder. It is unclear if it has ever been passed to another without the previous King having been killed.   Albrecht was the past king who had been captured by the authorities and was awaiting his trail and hanging. However, Karl had snuck into his cell to murder him one night and unknowingly became the next king with the bloodtheft he committed.

Cultural Significance

The Vos people love this practice and only the strong are fit to rule. As a result slavery is currently very popular in the pirate culture and many Vos become pirates.   The Brecht do not approve of this nation, but many use it for smuggling purposes. The King of Brechtur despises this false king and everything his nation stands for.   Khinasi people are a little removed from the situation but do not see the honour in the pirate nation or their people.   Rjuven people do not care too much as they don't have much to do with the sea traditionally.
Religious, Political
Active but not publicly claimed yet
Form of Address
My King
Alternative Naming
Murder King
Source of Authority
A divine bloodline that connects the king to his power via being blooded with a very specific bloodline.
Length of Term
Their lifetime.
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Locations


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