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Daugren is the capital city of Grevesmühl. Once a cosmopolitan trading port with every possible luxury good passing through its docks, the city has fallen into decline. Pirates, bandits, gamblers, and every type of ruffian make up its populace.


This city has a wide range of people in it. It's a Brecht city that has a lot of Vos Dwarven influences due to the region. However, it is a multicultural hub of sale and trade in the region.


The Duke of Grevesmühl 

Shaemes Karlburgher is the selfish, immature regent of Grevesmühl, though his influence hardly extends beyond the capital of Daugren and the northern inlet settlements around Trie. No heirs to the dukedom currently exist, nor are they likely. It is said Shaemes has no taste for the idea of marriage or children.


The Navy of Muden is often in the area trying to ward off pirates.

Guilds and Factions

Ruornil's Silver Guard - A church and library dedicated to Ruornil Black Ice Traders - Main trading guild in the area


Years ago it was known as a strong opposition to the pirates in the area by the Navy of Muden. However the pirates have slowly worked their way into the city as Muden's forces have been pulled in other directions by other nations threatening war.


The black market is a big pull to the area but not really advertised. It is becoming more and more known pirates in the area that they can get what they need here.    For the regular person the markets are still a big pull as there is a lot of trade going on in the city from different regions. Sometimes you don't even realise you've bought from the black market here.

Natural Resources

There is a large source of lumber in the area from a nearby natural forest.
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