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"Gazimra, The Seer, Clairvoyant chosen by both Asefa and Zhulesha. The term means 'they who see with eyes'; between Seers, they call each other Zimrin, or 'seeing person'. The Seer oft speaks as a multiple. No one dare disrespects The Seer, not even the Lith. Some see Them as Above the Lith, as they are not chosen by Birth or Council, but the All-Father and Mother."
---The Lithocracy Handbook, penned by the Legendary Hero Zimraka


The appointment of a Daemon to Seer is one done by suggestion through the hushed words of either Asefa or Zhulesha. They are led to a specific grounds of ceremony, usually a lune-lit hill in the Upper Strata, and from there a private ritual is held. Typically, no one is allowed to enter the Upper Strata without Lith approval; as most gain the favor of a Lith before they are chosen, however, it does not pose much of an issue.

A Daemon undergoing the process of becoming a Seer has a dark, ominous Aura that surrounds them, which would scare away most patrol officers in the Lith's Domicile. Most are warned about this "paranormal" sight, however. When the future Seer gets to the place they are told to go to, their bodies transform into what a Seer is known to look like: multiple arms, glowing eyes, and a thick coat of feathers.


The Seer's duties is to guide whomever They sense is in need of guidance, as it comes to The Seer in the form of visions. As Seers are usually apothecaries before They are granted a title, They tend to work as doctors before They act like Spiritual Healers, clairvoyants, and fortune-tellers.

As Seers are Superadults blessed by the deities of Life and Death, They are often present during births and deaths, often on Their own accord. This means that Seers hold an ominous air outside of the traditional ceremonies they are a major part in, like The Night of Council.
Religious, Clerical
Alternative Naming
The Seer, The Clairvoyant
Source of Authority
Length of Term
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