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Heavenly Champion

Each god of the six heavens has a personal retinue of once-mortal demigods called heavenly champions. These champions have a variety of purposes: from generals for their patrons armies, to personal messengers, to envoys. Each champion's body is resharpen to complete their god's will as perfectly as physically possible. Some may revieve wings to fly on the zephyr with while others become living constructs of holy armour and radiant energy.


Rarely a mortal may receive a vision from their patron god when they have proven themselves worthy enough before the six heavens to receive their attention. In this vision their patron god will tell them about the sacred quest they have to undertake if they wish to obtain ascension. This quest for ascension can take many forms depending on the patron and what they want to see from their mortal subject. Sometimes they might have to destroy a cult belonging to an enemy god, or they might have to find their way into the six heavens themselves to slay some ancient foe. Many aspiring champions die while undertaken this sacred quest, but those who succeed are rewarded in ways that most mortals could only dream about.

Cultural Significance

The appearance of a heavenly champion on the mortal realm is almost always a moment of both joyful celebration and of great concern. For these beings rarely leave the six heavens unless their patrons have a task of the uttermost importance for them. Sometimes a cult might try to summon an heavily champion through an profaned ritual, often in an attempt to bind it to their foul wills.

Notable Holders

Arctorius - Champion of Erah. Arctorius resembles a four armed white bear with tribal patterns across its fur. Its body is covered in wooden armour adorned with feathers and glowing auric patterns.   K'logg - Champion of Bál. A being of ever burning steam, K'logg can move itself on the wind faster than any man or beast could wish to. When K'logg passes through a being he can see into their heart. Those who are pure and kind have their wounds healed while those who are deemed unworthy are burned alive.   Barbarosa Marlos - Champion of Cuhtja. A great suit of living metal armour. No weapon created by either mortal or heavenly hands has ever pierced Marlos's thick metal plates. Those who have had the unfortunate to see underneath Marlos's visor and have seen between the creaks in his armour have gone blind. They claim that they have had the light sucked out of their eyes by an all consuming darkness.
Religious, Military
Source of Authority
The will of their patron god

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