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Diamond Radiance

The Diamond Radiance is a title given by Phantom for people who have given outstanding service to the Diamond Club. In addition to the gratitude of all club members, they receive the diamond card, a loyalty card that gives them free access to the club.  

Holders of the Diamond Radiance

Currently only two people have received the title from Phantom.  

Mae Soo-Kyung

Mae Soo-Kyung got the title on Sol 5, 2092 after putting down the Misérables who was aiming to strike heavily into the Diamond Club. Mae Soo-Kyung participated with the Dragon Warrior in an operation to steal the weapons of the Misérables in the Underground Paris.  

Tomàs "Irishman" O'Farrell

Tomàs "Irishman" O'Farrell is the first to be awarded the Diamond Radiance title for protecting and extracting Phantom during an armed intervention. Militec tried to catch Phantom by force at the Diamond Club but with the support of Tomàs, they managed to escape from the 5th Arrondissement to Boulogne-Billancourt and be protected by the Church of Ichthys.
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