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Heffling Adventurer

Being an adventurer is perhaps the hardest and most dangerous thing anyone could do. It is more than just monster hunter, but it is a way of life.
  Heffling Adventurers are adventurers who are part of the adventuring guild known as the Hefflings. It is a role only appointed by the leader of the Hefflings, Ali Ritvasson; as Ali is peculiar when it comes to selecting who undergoes quests under the Hefflings.  

Becoming an Adventurer


The Hefflings are renowned for training the most elite adventurers in the world. This is made possible, thanks to the Hefflings Gladiator regieme. The main camp of the Hefflings travel from town to city to compete in the various Fungeon games. The travelling guild use these games to train new adventurers, who are hand picked by Ali Ritvasson.  


When Ali has deemed a Heffling Gladitor is ready, the gladiator is given the title of Adventurer. Ali holds regular meetings and assemblies with the Heffling Camp. This is to share news and any annoucements which Ali or the camp, wishes to share to the camp. As part of these assemblies, Ali rewards gladiators the Adventurer status. This means they can either join or form a party, and accept quests.  


Questing is a key part to adventuring, and Heffling Adventurers are no exception to this. Heffling Adventurers are also required to enter the Fungeon, as this is Ali's way to keep inter-guild competitveness alive, as well as to keep training his Adventurers. It is also a way for upcoming adventurers to gain experience by sparring with their betters.  

Quest Journal

The Quest Journal is something which Ali also requests from his Adventurers, though is not necessary. Heffling Adventurers are to fill out a journal of their questing adventures. This is to log what they have to do, and where they got to go. The Quest Journal is also used to measure the credibility and experience of an Adventurer. Many Quest Givers will request to see their journal to determine if this Adventurer, and their party, are skilled enough to carry out their task.  


Quest Bounties are the contracts with adventurers and quest givers sign as an agreement of service, and the rewards of carrying out the quest. There are many kinds of bounties which are given by many different kinds of quest givers. The most traditional bounties are the Wanted Criminal Bounties and the Monster Hunting Bounties. Once a quest is done, the adventurers are to either return to the Quest Giver, or to the appointed person, to complete this quest. Completion is done by either a signature, or ideally wax seal.  

Other Hefflings

There are other roles within the Hefflings which people can take. The more common roles are the Levies and the Campers. Campers help out in the camp; assisting in tasks such as cooking, cleaning and carrying supplies. Levies are the foot soldiers of the camp. They are there to protect the campers from anyone or anything who would attack the camp. Many quests may also require adventurers to take a bunch of levies, as it can take more than 4 people to fully clear a ruin or to defeat a monster.
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The Hefflings

The Hefflings are a travelling guild of adventurers and gladiators. They are founded and led by Ali Ritvasson, who once saved a child from the great Solnerii Sand Worm.   To many, the Hefflings are more than just adventurers, but they are a culture of friends and family. Unlike most guilds, the Hefflings are an open guild, where many can follow. However, only a select few may become a gladiator or an adventurer. So most hefflings either become a Levy or a Camper and assist with the needs of the community.


In the centre of the main plaza of the Grand Arena in Empire City, is the monument to Dhelianus, who was the last Champion of the Fungeon who died during a game. It was their death which many began to campaign for the Non-Lethality rules to be applied to the Fungeon games. Dhelianus was a Heffling Adventurer and a great friend to Ali and the camp. In commemoration, a fountain was built with a statue of Dhelianus in the centre.


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