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Living Legend

Night City is a place of rumour and superstition, nobody really knows anything, yet everybody acts like they know everything. It all comes down to reputation, doesn’t matter what it is you do, if you’re the best there is, word spreads. So how do you know who the best of the best is in a place where one man's lie is another’s truth? It all comes down to legends.   Night City is stuffed full of legends, and not just tall tales, I’m talking people. The stuff legends are made of. Though of course, you ask anybody who the local legends are and you’ll start hearing a bunch of familiar-sounding names; Johnny Silverhand and Morgan Blackhand being the biggest. Thing is, as far as anybody knows those guys have long since flatlined. So then you might ask how does someone become a legend? Well for most of the names you hear, the owners of the title have long since stopped breathing and yet people still talk about them, and as we said earlier, that all comes down to your rep.   When we talk about legends, we’re not just talking famous, these guys aren’t just celebrities no, they changed things, sometimes for better, and often for the worse. You ever hear the saying, ‘nothing in life is free’? Well in Night City the saying goes ‘Everything has a price’. If changing things is the only way to become a legend, then you have to be prepared to pay the ultimate price.   It’s not all doom and gloom of course, for you see among legends, there’s one legend bigger than them all, wrapped in the mother of all urban myths. Suppose there was somebody that changed the world in some way and didn’t get their ass zeroed? Well now that person would be a living legend now, wouldn’t they? Of course, that’s all anybody talks about, is who is going to be the next ‘living legend of Night City’? Not that there has been a first, but that just doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Course plenty of people have got their eyes on the prize, the corps, the local power players, the badasses. Yet here we are in the Time of the Red, the world was already pretty shitty, and it just seems to get shittier without end, so it’s about time somebody steps up and makes a grab worthy of the title.   Of course, if you make it far enough in the game yet find yourself flatlined before your big kaboom, as is very likely to happen, at least you might find your name on the cocktail menu at the Afterlife, hottest Solo joint in town, an honour that, much like the title of 'Legend', no money in the world is able to buy.

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