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Burning Heart Hunter


When the first Giant pearl was found, the Yellow Pearl Hunters were so happy that they divided that the finder of the pearl needed a title to show him or her respect. From that day on, the finder of a Giant Pearl gets the title Burning Heart Hunter. The first finder came up with the name madam Estcorde. Burning Heart in the native language.

Most children are dreaming to find a Giant Pearl, so they will get the respect they think they deserve. It is not often that a child finds a Giant Pearl on their first hunt.

Giant Pearls

by Canva

A normal pearl has a diameter of 15 millimeters, a Giant pearl has a diameter of 30 millimeters. A giant pearl is also a lot more worth. If a giant pearl ends up in a piece of jewelry, the price goes up with ten gold pieces. Price list
  • Pearl Neckless
  • Pearl Neckless Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Black Moon
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Black Moon
  • Pearl Earring
  • Pearl Earring Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Black Moon
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 95 gold pieces
  • 150 gold pieces
  • 15 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 65 gold pieces
  • 140 gold pieces
  • 25 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 125 gold pieces

by Canva

Black Moon

Every ten years, when the moon goes dark, the finding Giant Pearls goes up. It is then that for one day the title will go to everyone who finds it. Then, when the Black moon disappears, everyone who got the title will give it back and the title will wait for the next finder of a Giant Pearl.

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Honored, Earned


Until the next Giant Pearl is found

Current holder

Master Umbrias

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