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Hoggel Runner


A Hoggel runner is the term for the person who lasted the longest in a game of Hoggel hunting, being prey. Hoggel hunting is a group of people hunting one person over a large space, with the hunted having a three minute head-start. Being a set up this was, games last for a long time, but only certain people are good enough to last for more than two hours. The Hoggel runner varies, as if the current one dies, than the title is for the taking, and since Various Creations die often, the holder of the title is ever changing.


The holder of the title is always appointed by a good beating, which is customary at the end of a Hoggel hunt. Once is is revealed that they are now the runner, four to eight people will try to out do him, though these mostly fail. A few hours after the title is won, the runner is celebrated, and a good feast often complements this.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The most common way for the title to be revoked is death, as the runner is sent to the front lines, as dies, therefore nullifying his title. Because of this, the runners of Hogelogel Camp are not allowed to be runners, as they are never sent the the front lines. Of curse beating the record is always an option, but that is hard, and so many just wait for the runner to die. There have been some cases of the runner giving up his title, so that competition will increase providing more entertainment.

Cultural Significance

It holds great cultural significance, the longer you hold it the greater, mostly because holding for long periods of time means your a veteran soldier, as well as good at a game of hoggel hunt. Runners that are runners for long periods, gain much more respect than those who are not. The Angels have no equivalent, as they do not play games, so reports detailing this title have caused at least some avoidable losses.
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Until you record is broken
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