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Those that have managed to earn this title have worked hard for cycles. They will have studied tactics and trained hard in many situations in order to earn the points needed to remain on the top of the charts. The variety of jobs they have taken and successfully completed will have gained them a reputation for quality work and reliability. An ability to command others is often required to peacefully convince any competition they may have to aid them in their goal to earn the title. Once attained the title is held for life and can never be revoked as a reflection of the individual's accomplishments.


A true Eminence will have had to hold the top slot in the HHH Rankings hunting or hauling sections for at least ten cycles. This title can also be earned by defeating an individual that has been granted it in single combat. This method however needs to be done with multiple witnesses that all of which agree that the fight was fair with no underhanded tactics. Public events or tournaments are a common place for such occurrences. The challenger will almost always lose this method since they normally lack the experience and charisma required to hold the title to begin with.


Those with this title are often desired for leadership positions or in some cases a required rank before even being considered for the position. Showing not just experience is greatly valued but the ability to command as well. Many of these title holders have amassed great wealth from their work. They will often have a cabin or other structures built on their territory simply because they can afford it. Some title holders have used their income as a base to start their business.
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