In the Red Swarm, the Knower is always given to someone without arcanesight who seems to show signs of premonition or an understanding of events they should not have known.   Since the title's conception one century ago, only 2 Knowers have been named. There is one child who shows great promises but it's too soon to say for certain on way or another. The longest the Red Swarm has gone without naming a Knower is 17 years.  


While the rest of the Red Swarm metamorphized into arcaneseers, Wellann Brahnk told stories and cared for their community. It is believed that Wellann was the first knower in the Swarm and that while everyone else was given the gift of arcanesight, Wellann was given the gifts of foresight and presight.   As all gifts of sights were given to the Red Swarm within the last century, the community celebrates all forms of sight. The heavily celebrated sights are arcanesight, foresight, presight, and presentsight.  However, as more than 90% of the community has access to arcanesight, it is believed that the truly gifted seers are those that can see the world as it is.   

Determining Knowers

When an elder suspects they may be in the presence of the next Knower, they keep quiet about it until the child's Sight Night. When the public ceremony completed, the elders gather. During this period, if an elder wishes to bring it up, they may. A minimum of three elders are required to suspect the person's abilities. From here, the elders observe the candidate privately until a unanimous decision is determined.


  • Completed their Sight Night
  • Member of the Community
  • Does not possess arcanesight
  • Shows signs of presight, presentsight, or foresight
  • No other Knowers have been named
  • Responsibilities

  • Boost community morale
  • Share important information with the Elders
  • Form of Address
    Knower (First Name)
    Source of Authority
    Red Swarm Elders
    Length of Term
    Related Locations

    Cover image: Golden Clouds by Lauren Nelson


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