Some druids, when they complete their training on the Druidic Path within the Canopies, decide to take on a position working for Brist itself as a guide (othr non-druids also occasionally work as guides, but much less frequently). Many of these guides choose to work close to home, taking up guiding jobs which may see them venture into northern Phesunlay, eastern Konard, southern Split Stone, or even northern Anwer. Their tasks, in these instances, are usually to guide a group of travellers (sometimes diplomatic, sometimes mercantile, sometimes other) into or out of Brist. This ensures that they do not get lost in the somewhat dense forests of Brist (which largely does not have well-worn paths), and that they do not get attacked by bandits. Many guides work in conjunction with specific mercenary groups (or a few mercenary groups), though some work solely with the Emerald Crown.   Though most guides remain close to home, others elect to take on tasks which may seem them direct travellers to and from Brist over much longer distances. These guides, often called Striders, are assigned to much longer duties and they may be required to travel to Endref or Daendar, or in rare cases Fréole, to escort folks as needed. These guides often undergo additional training with working Striders to learn the overall geography of Elotia and the surrounding lands. This training often takes place at a small bar near the southwestern border of Brist, called the Longstrider's Rest, which is the Bristian haunt of many such guides.   Among these Striders, there is an honorific which has been earned by very few: Emiger. Emigers are guides who, while under the employ of the Emerald Crown or another Bristian employer, have travelled to every land in Elotia, as well as Fréole. These visits cannot include mearly stepping over a border: they need to have taken on a guide job which either saw them travel extensively in each land, or they must have taken on a job that began/ended in every land (at least two days travel into each country). While there is no formal evaluation of whether a Strider has achieved such a task, there are actions taken by other Striders at the Longstrider's Rest to ensure that they all believe the guide has completed the necessary travels. Emigers are highly regarded, highly paid, and exert out-weighted influence when they need to among Bristian society and within the guide communities. Emigers in the past have even been employed by other nation's royal houses. The most famous Emiger, Meslin, compiled a large codex of information about all the lands he travelled to which is still updated by scholars, merchants, and others to this day through the Meslin Map Company.   There have been no new Emigers in recent memory, largely due to elevated violence within Xzon and protectionist ideals within Varenval, as well as the isolation of Nimb from the rest of the land.
Civic, Honorific


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