Mother's Chosen

You should never disrespect the Mother's Chosen youngling. She is not like the regular priests. The Mother Tree chose her for this function and communicates through her.   She is the wisest of us all and should be respected by you. You never know when her advice will make the difference for our settlements.
— Mizarin Priest
  The Nekorians of the Mizarin Isles revere the Mother Tree, a gigantic tree they believe is located on the largest Moon. It is said that all other Mizarin Nightlight are children of this tree.   The priests are believed to be in communication with these trees. But on the very top of their priesthood there is one who is chosen to be the leader the Mother's Chosen.

Mother Tree symbol by Kefkejaco with Inkarnate


Mother Tree's Choice

Mizarin Priest by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  The process of choosing a new leader for the Priesthood is rather peculiar. It is not determined by any Nekorians themselves but it is actually the Mother Tree herself that chooses this candidate.  


  The candidates for becoming the succesor to the Mother's Chosen can only be chosen from the High Priests. These are already skilled and intelligent individuals who were appointed by one of the previous Mother's Chosen.  

Choosing Ceremony

  How exactly the ceremony for determining the next Mother's Chosen is shrouded in mystery. Only the High Priests are allowed to attend it. What is generally known, however, is that the High Priests actually travel towards the Mother Tree to perform the ceremony.   Many believe that the main temple complex in Tsugeti contains a portal to the Mother Tree. According to the priest themselves the Mother Tree shows an image of the newly Chosen on a surface of light near her feet. They then proceed to climb to the top of the Mother Tree where the connection between the Chosen and the tree is made.    


  The Mother's Chosen has many duties to perform. One of them is to appoint High Priests when needed. They also convey any information to the general population that is granted to them via the Mother Tree. Thanks to this manner of communication the Nekorians are well informed about events in the world.   The main day to day duties of the Mother's Chosen is actually leading the Nekorians society of the Mizarin Isles. They therefore act in a comparable manner to leaders of other nations.


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