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Divine Attendant

Sometimes even demigods have need of the services of a mortal. Usually they will only have to point at someone on the street and give an order and it will be done, but just as often the demigod finds themselves in need of more regular, consistent assistance or has a task that they simply cannot leave in the hands of someone random or someone who’s loyalty has not yet been tested.   This is the role of the divine attendant. Mortals hand-picked by the demigods to serve them as their personal servants, confidants, and apprentices. The role of a divine attendant is a simple one; follow the demigod’s commands to the letter. All else is secondary.   The benefits of the position are immediately obvious. The attendant gains the protection of a demigod and the authority to speak with the demigod’s own voice. Nothing can be denied them save by the demigod they serve, and though they are subservient to the demigod that chose them they are no longer bound to follow the commands of other demigods. Their duty is to the one who elevated them to such a prime position.   The other benefits are primarily intellectual. An attendant will passively gain significant knowledge of the gods and the workings of their artifacts by spending time in a demigod’s presence. The demigod may even use some of their vast powers to give minor magic to their servant, either in the form of lesser artifacts like god-blades or in the form of transforming their bodies to be stronger, faster, and more resilient than what a normal human being is capable of.   The way each demigod chooses their attendant varies. Some just one one chosen from the local village for them while others insist on hand-picking their attendants personally. Others have specific tests involved to gain the position. The one thing they all have in common is that it is always the demigod’s right to refuse where as the mortal in question only occasionally has a choice in the matter.
Religious, Special

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