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Blessed Protector of the Faith

Saints of Hillenism

Always strive to do good and remain on a virtuous path, my boy. You never know, perhaps you will prove to the world that your heart is pure and uncorruptible and the ladies in Athe will proclaim you worthy to stand with Hillen.
— A father to his son
  Blessed Protector of the Faith is a title given out to those who had lived virtuous lives in defense of Hillenism and all its followers. Granted posthumously to exalted individuals by the Alstiseria of Athe, those who are beatified gain the right to be venerated as saints. The first and most well-known of these prominent people was Gilei Hillen, the man whose martyrdom saved the world and gave rise to the religion.  

Path to Beatification

Only those who have gone through the confirmation of purpose ritual are considered for the title, otherwise their faith in god would be ambiguous. The Hillenist clergy has even beatified those from the original Orthodox branch of Abreanism, but they reject all other heresies. The actual selection process is kept a secret from the public, but they claim that the members of the clergy from all across the continent keep an eye out for the most exceptional individuals who have proven their faith and dedication to Abrea.  


When the alstiseria has received a candidate whose tale grips her and she is convinced of their place among the other blessed faithful of Hillen and Abrea, she will summon all the world’s kireseria to Athe.   There, standing on a grand balcony overlooking a great crowd, the alstiseria will declare the chosen one to be blessed. All the kireseria who attended the event will return home with the news and make sure that everyone is informed of the event.
Religious, Beatified
Alternative Naming
First Holder
Past Holders
Hillenēq Hūril
Organization | Jul 8, 2023

Hillenism is the largest branch of the Aprēan religion. Followers of the faith believe in the teachings of Hillen, the hero whose sacrifice saved the world from the Invasion.


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