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Hands of the Crown

The Theussaun Protectorate has the largest and best organized military in Emaxus, eclipsing the Imperium of Aitreas after the Collapse several years ago. But even within this massive military structure of ranks and Divisions, there is a group that ignores it all, answering only to the King and the Council of Generals. They are the Hands of the Crown. They only ever number fifty at a time, with five being chosen by each General, and they are the most specialized of all the Protectorate's forces, handling the most clandestine (or most brutal) jobs the Protectorate needs done.


To be chosen as a Hand, a General of the Protectorate or the King himself must notice your qualifications and see you prove yourself as a capable defender of Theussau.


The General approaches the Hand-to-be in question and offers them the position, telling them enough to make sense but not enough to endanger the secrecy of the organization. If they accept, then the General brings them to Theussau and inducts them within the Palace of Eternity, reporting it to the King and all the other Generals, and introducing them to those Hands who aren't currently on missions.


Hands of the Crown are tasked with high-priority missions of varying importance to the Protectorate. A Hand can expect to do everything from reinforcing defenses and aiding garrisons to assassinating domestic insurgents and killing enemy heads of state.


A Hand of the Crown receives private quarters in the Palace of Eternity, a substantial monthly pay of 500gp, with the potential for special items as rewards, magical and otherwise. They also have access to the knowledge and experience of their fellow Hands, who range from frontline defenders to expert assassins.

Accoutrements & Equipment

There is no uniform of the Hand; however, every Hand receives a Ring of Mind Shielding to protect their knowledge and memories from potential enemy intrusions.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Hand is only dismissed if: A. their loyalty is called into question, in which case they are investigated (with or without their knowledge), or B. they commit an act of treason, in which case they are court martialed and often executed. In the case of the former, they can maintain their position if they are found to still uphold the beliefs of the Protectorate, though they may be under increased surveillance.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Equates to
A Hand of the Crown is the special agent of the Theussaun Protectorate. They have no real equals in other organizations, but anyone who fulfills the role of secret service/black ops is akin to a Hand.
Source of Authority
The General who assigns you and the King himself.
Length of Term
Until retirement or you're decommissioned.
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