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Appointed Knighthood

May those whose strength and courage burst forth, and those that strive for excellence and safety, be granted to Rank of Imperial Knighthood. Only those proven in battle or through their cunning in planning shall fill the halls that guard our Empires safety. May we lay our heads down each night with the knowledge that our totality is secured by the mightiest and most brilliant of its citizens. - Imperial Edict on the creation of the construction of the Hall of Knighthood


This Rank can be appointed to anyone from those consrcipted to the highest of Nobility.


The individual must prove their merit and dedication to the cause of Imperial Defense. This is often accomplished through proving themselves as a Military strategist or as a soldier on the field.


Upon selection of an individual for the appointment of this rank, a festival is held in the home settlement of the individual and a ball is held at the palace. The Imperial King , Council of Elder Houses , Higher Noble Houses , and the Lesser Noble Houses  of the area attend and celebrate the appointment of the new Knight.


Upon appoint the individual is required to serve the Empire, typically their local Petty King, in a form of military service.


A monthly stipend is given as well as a plot of land or deed to an aspiring settlement.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Appointed members of Knighthood are different than the rank of Knight or Knight Officer , as they are given a more loose uniform structure. their medal of distinction is given in the form of a necklace or pinned to a sash over their dress. Typical formal dress requires a set of functional but ornate armor and weapons, informal has largely no restrictions other than that they be dressed as fitting of at least the Lesser Noble Houses .

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Someone working against the The Empire of Five Kings or found to be conspiring against are sentenced to death and stripped of their rank. Decisions are quick and often done with some silence.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Imperial Knight
Source of Authority
Issued by decree of the Imperial King
Length of Term
Indefinite upon appointment unless revoked.
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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