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Keeper of the Vault

For thousands of years, while mortals have been in The Grand Archives and unaware of the true nature of The Vaults, most were unaware that there was more than just mortal knowledge in The Vaults.   One door, hidden away, opened to the Vault of the Gods. No mortal since the days when Boki, the godess of secrets, led some mortals inside it. She stole the knowledge of several magics to give to mortals agains the commandments of Godsheim.   Chilland'thar, god of winter and the godly keeper of the vaults, grew very annoyed at ther tricks. He convinced The Vaults to choose one mortal to serve as the keeper of the door into the Vault of the Gods. This keeper would be the only one, mortal or god, who could open the door. As the mortal grew old, The Vaults would then start looking for another to replace the chosen keeper once they had passed on.   Chilland'thar then used his magic to ensure that the indentity of the chosen keeper would be known only to the keeper and, when that keeper grew old, they keeper would know their successor and help The Vaults prepare them.   Centuries past with this system working as Chilland'thar wished. And, then, The End Of Instant happened. Suddenly, Chilland'that himself needed to get into the Vault of the Gods to try and fix the chaos that now existed beyond beyond the world. Only, he could not. He needed the Keeper of the Vault, and he did not know who it was!   With the untimely murder of Thimys Fairchild, who had been the previous Keeper, gone was the knowledge of who his successor was. Only two creatures knew who the new Keeper was, and, as creations of The Vaults, they were impervious to any means of delving knowledge from them for they had been created to protect the Keepers.   Will Chilland'thar find the Keeper and end the chaos? Will the new Keeper realize who he really is? Time is ticking and it never tells.


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