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      Godsheim is the moon, with one side in perpetual light, called Heaven, and the other side in perpetual darkness, called Hell. Beneath Heaven is Purgatory and beneath Hell is Inferna.   Heaven is a beauteous place filled with bountiful flora and divine beasts. Each hallowed god has a palace surrounded by a city of their devoted believers' souls. These lucky souls work to be reborn again or to become angels in eternal service to a god.   Hell is a dark, foul place with abominable fungi forests and hellish beasts. Each unhallowed god has a lair surounded by a city of tormented souls who are forced to serve that god and its devils until they have atoned for their terrible sins. Those who fail to atone become devils who must serve that god for eternity.      


      To get to Godsheim, a soul journeys along the Bridge In Clouds. They arrive in the Courtyard of Souls where they await their Judgement. There, Yneboz weighs them on his Scales of Sin. He marks each soul with their Judgement and sends them to Humodyl the Gatekeeper. Those marked worthy are allowed to pass through the Stellar Gates into Heaven. Those marked unworthy are tossed down through the Steely Gates into Purgatory.      


Purgatory is an endless labyrinth where there are opportunies to cleanse away sins, one at a time.   Boki, the goddess of Secrets, creates untold numbers of puzzles. To solve a puzzle, a soul must confess a sin and perform a penance to atone for it. When solved, the puzzle will cleanse that sin from the soul.   When enough sins have been washed away, the soul will find its way back to the Courtyard of Souls and allowed into Heaven.   Not all sins can be washed away. Those with such sins will only find their way to the inescapable Bloodbone Gates to Hell.


            Once inside the Bloodbone Gates, souls are trapped in the Courtyard of Hell. Each unhallowed god has their own crew of Soul Fetcher Devils to haul new souls to their domain. Battles often rage between rival crews.   When captured by a Soul Fetcher, the souls are the servants and playthings of that god and his devils. Servitude and torment is their lot until all their dark sins are slowly bled out of them. After that happens, they are spat out of the Bloodbone Gates back into Purgatory where they can wash away the rest of their sins.   Those whose sins cannot be bled out of them are tossed into the Burning Maw, the gate into Inferna, where they are agonizingly forged into a devil that then serves an unhallowed god for all eternity.


  In the beginning, there was no moon or even The World. There was simply the infinite vastness of the cosmos and the great stellar beings who hatched out from the nebula seas to explore its wonders. Two such beings, twins named Idor and Ider, discovered an even faster way to travel the cosmos. They called it dreamwalking. However, that required them to remain coiled up asleep and vulnerable to other stellar beings unless they took turns guarding each other.   This proved very tedious and dull for the twin not dreamwalking, so they decided to make great shells. Idor made The World with a core of comfy molten rock. Ider liked things much hotter so he made The Sun to sleep within. With their new homes done, the twins settled in and began to dreamwalk the cosmos.  


  Life sprang upon the world, with titanic creatures who fed off the magic seeping through the young world and shining down from the new sun. These creatures competed between themselves to each be the greatest. The most powerful of these named themselves gods and took great care who they invited into their ranks. Zut was not happy being just a god. He wanted to be the god of gods.   To do this, he recruited others who were resentful at not being accepted into the god ranks, promising them all god rank when they overthrew the current gods. Still, they were not going to be enough, so Zut called the demons out of the cosmos. Together, they attacked the gods.   The battle raged across The World wreaking great devastation until the demons, who really wanted to feed on the sleeping Idor, shattered The World. Idor had been no fool when making his home and had set a trap. The moment The World broke, he was instantly back into his sleeping body. He awoke in a towering rage, shocking all the gods and greater beings who had survived the breaking. Not even Zut had known Idor slumbered in the core of The World!
Alternative Name(s)
The Moon.


  In punishment, Idor forced them all to rebuild his world, an expense of power that destroyed some outright, and left the rest terribly weak. While they did this, Idor gathered all the demons, who could not be destroyed. He broke them down into the tiniest of bits until they merged into one great sloshing ooze. Each demon bit struggled to dominate the bits next to it in order to grow until it was powerful enough to escape the ooze. Idor then crafted a magical Abyss upon The World and poured in the demon ooze, sealing it away. No demon can leave the ooze unless its within a living mortal body. If its host body is killed or destroyed, the demon is sucked back into the Abyss.   Idor was not done. From the bits of the world he had dug out to form the Abyss, he crafted the moon. He compelled all who remained to live upon The Moon, warning them that if there was ever too much godly presense on the world he would awaken again and destroy them all. Zut, however, was banished from The World and the moon, forced to wander the cosmos alone.   The gods named the moon Godsheim.

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I really like the idea that the afterlife/where the gods live is the moon. :D

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I liked the mythical implant on the side panel. Very nice!

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Come vist my worlds PANGORIO for exciting tales, world lore, and RPG adventures! HYPNOSIUM is my new historical fantasy world!