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Sage Queen or King

A Sage Queen or King is the highest held title for the Macji'Ozara. Sage Queens rule over Shrouded Sanctuary with absolute power as well as all the Macji’Ozara whether they are present or wandering. The position of Sage Queen is temporary, though long-held. Every twenty-five years a new Trial is held to choose a new Sage Queen. If a Sage King dies before their twenty-five year term is completed, a special Trial is held. Although the Sage Queen holds the office of nobility, their family is not considered noble and has no appointed duties or honorifics, other than receiving courteous respect as the relations of the Sage King.  
The Sage Queen or King appoints administrators to run the daily responsibilities of Macji’Ozara. In addition to this, they appoint other Generalists Sages to oversee neighborhoods within the city, as well as all those who are wandering. Often these sage appointments come from others who passed the oral test left by the former Sage.   The Sage King’s primary duty is to review all laws in place and through their vast knowledge and wisdom, modify or write new laws to reflect the changing times. Additionally, they are considered the Highest Judge for both interpretation of laws and punishment for those who break them.   Finally, it is only through the Sage Queen that permission within the Asimati Athenaeum is permitted. Seekers through their Scholar mentor will receive their library cards with the signature of the current Sage Queen. Any outsiders must first be welcomed by the Sage King in order to stay within the Shrouded Sanctuary and will receive a temporary library card if deemed worthy by the Sage Queen.  
  Only Sage-level generalists are qualified to become Sage Queen or King. Generalists are unique amongst those learning paths as they value critical thinking and pattern detection over route learning of a subject. Their vast array of knowledge sections mean that they must become experts in countless subsections. Primarily, they learn more about how societies work together. As a generalists, one must study harder and will often earn less. The payoff, however, is placement within leadership positions.   All Sage-level Generalists who wish to become Sage Queen must first pass an oral test that is left behind by the previous Sage King. Those who pass the test must then undergo the Trial. Although the Trial is always the same, it is shrouded in mystery . . . Only those who have undergone the Trial know all of the details and they are sworn to secrecy. Once the Trial is complete, only one person rises to become the new Sage Queen.
Nobility, Non-hereditary

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Jul 30, 2021 13:57 by A

A fitting title to their society. Feel like they are putting a lot on the elected representative and seems to be a technocracy (Those with knowledge are leading the government)? At the same time, they are very powerful with all that knowledge they have accumulated. But is there so many areas that can be discovered/connected, thinking back on the previous article I read about Macji'Ozara, so that there are several candidates for sage.

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Jul 31, 2021 23:17 by Cassandra Sojourn

Yes, I always like to have at least one culture that values meritocracy. New knowledge is always being discovered, so it gives the option for the Maji'Ozara to be out in the world, particularly the most ambitious ones if they want to move up in society, they will need to seek out cultures from outside the Just Desert and see what discoveries they have made, as well as how their villages and towns function. Most, however, rely on those traveling through to discover knowledge from them in exchange for assistance to where they want to go.

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