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The Grand Keeper of Ivaeharaith

The title of The Grand Keeper of Ivaeharaith is a title bestowed on an extremely trustworthy and distinguished person who is deemed the best one to take care of all the knowledge collected into the archives of the oldest and biggest High Elven library, Ivaeharaith, which houses all the knowledge from the beginning of The Elven kind's history on Altaros.


One is expected to take care of the Great Archive and Library Ivaeharaith and protect it from any outside forces willing to destroy the knowledge of Elvenkind which has been gathered since the very first centuries when the elves had just arrived to Altaros. The chronicles of Ivaerenor are the most important sources of knowledge.


The Grand Keeper needs to be ready to protect the collections with their life. That also means that the one taking care of the Archives and the library needs to be experienced and revered. Usually the person in question is an old wizard with a good reputation, academical merit, and experience on libraries. But it is also important that they have enough firepower (in spells, mostly) to quickly eliminate all the possible threats to the unfathomably important building and its collections.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

At death or retirement, whichever comes first.
Form of Address
His Wisdom
Alternative Naming
The Great Keeper, The Archivist, The Knowledgekeeper
Equates to
The nonmagical counterpart of an archmage. Whereas an archmage keeps track on arcane records and items and usually is the leader of a mage tower or school, the Grand Keeper takes care of the mundane or only slightly magical texts.
Source of Authority
The Elder Council of Ivaerenor
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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