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Fremstveiðr / Fremstveiði


Every Skaura Orohlen group has a certain set of honorific positions or titles to be filled, although the groups are generally quite egalitarian. The title of the most accomplished or master hunter is given to the best huntress in female groups (fremstveiði), but in male groups the two sambandsbroeðir of which one has proven to be an exceptionally good hunter both carry the title. Indeed the title is earned in a hunt and is held for a few years until the carrier of the title either dies or decides to pass the title on. It is on the other hand not possible to challenge a fremstveiðr or fremstveiði for the title.

The title is earned by going on a ritualistic hunt. When it is available, individuals can appeal to the guðr (or f. guði) and ask for the right to become the new fremstveiðr or fremstveiði. The guðr then conducts a ritual with the circle of the contestants somewhere away from the settlement in the wild. The chosen person gets allotted an animal to hunt which has been revealed to the guðr during the ritual. He or she sets out for the hunt and the others go back to the settlement. The chosen one has to return with the animal revealed to the guðr within one week. If he or she fails, the ritual is repeated in the same manner.

Role in society

The fremstveiðr or fremstveiði is a very well respected title within the Skaura Orohlen groups. During the biennial 'Heilsfund' the fremstveiðr or fremstveiði receive the most respect and are the most popular partners for reproduction. This is mostly organised and arranged by the guði, but in part the honorary titles, especially the one of the most accomplished hunter, is an important factor in mating decisions.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial


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