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Guðr (f. guði) is the official title of all religious specialists of the Orohlen. There are different ranks within the group which have different spheres of influence, different responsibilities and varying education depending on their respective ranks. The individual groups of Skaura Orohlen of northern Erana for example each have their own guðr leading the group. In this case the guðr serves as a religious as well as a political leader or sometimes advisor to the leader. They are often just called guðr which means '(religious/spiritual) specialist' in their language. But there are also guðr in charge of special fields of expertise who are not bound to individual groups but rather the entirety of their Orohlen society. The Skaura Orohlen for example have the Liikgjalland overlooking the strength and wellbeing of all the individual groups, the Viigdeeme who presides over war, peace and feuds and the Fordreldraknaer who are the living memory and archive for the family trees and degrees of kinship.


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