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Keepers are protectors of a forested region.

It's a title that originated among elven druids, originally used simply as a synonym for "druid." However, when the culturally diverse druids of the freeholds began to meet with the elven druids of old, they adopted and adapted the term for themselves. For the freeholders, the title of "Keeper" is a particular honor bestowed on any number of people once a year at a ceremony for exactly that purpose. While it is often druids who receive the title, they do not limit the title to their own kind. Anyone who accepts the offer and invitation may be invited to the ceremony to become a Keeper. Those nominated must be present to accept the honor, though it is generally not revoked by absence, just suspended until such time as the person can attend. The nomination and the honor can both be revoked by the council if need be, though that rarely happens.

Keepers are expected to contribute to a safe, healthy forest in some way. Outsiders who somehow earn the title often do a single thing, called a "keeper's legacy," before moving on. Resident druids tend to contribute in more consistent ways, as with patrols, animal rescue units, fire management teams, surveying and cataloging the land, or through outreach programs that bring the word of nature to neighboring settlements.

The title is honorary, not official, but it is considered a high honor and cannot be asked for or gained in any way beyond the recommendation of a high druid. Barring any unusual circumstances, the title is held for life.

Keepers, even non-druid keepers, can always take Sarnu-aloni, with the high druids. It is a feast held at the end of each week and the high druids have their own hall, as they organize the event and give speeches for it. The spread is the best of the week's bounty, often supplemented by local area foods for a large and varied spread.

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