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In order to become a Champion, a person must save a location from dire peril. This peril cannot be caused by the person or in connection to the person. For example, setting a town on fire or having a friend do it and then putting it out will not get someone titled as a Champion.


A Champion can be appointed by anyone in charge of a location. This can be a mayor, jarl, duke, baron, viscount, governor, queen, or king.


The duties of a Champion vary wildly depending on the location they were titled at. Typically they must live in or near the location for some time, a few years at least, to show their loyalty and gratitude to the location.


Champions have no formal responsibilities, though they are typically called upon to handle disputes between parties of the location they were titled at. Why this is, no one really knows. Most figure since a Champion saves a location they must have some interest in that location being ruled over correctly, but not all Champions do.


The benefits of a Champion vary just as widely as their duties. Typically the more populated the location the Champion was titled at the more often they will receive benefits. The higher ranked the person who titles the Champion, the better the benefits are. Being title by a king will net a Champion better benefits than being titled by a mayor.   These benefits typically consist of political favors, money, gifts, cheaper prices, free housing, parades, honorary mentions, and whatever else a Champion can think to ask for. Unfortunately being a Champion of one location will not transfer to another location. The Champion of Town A will not receive benefits in Town D. However the Champion of State of B can receive benefits in any city or town within that state.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Champions can only have their title removed by the person who granted them the title or the successor of the title giver.
Civic, Honorific
Still in effect, but only for certain countries
Alternative Naming
Champion of LOCATION
Source of Authority
Depends on where the Champion was titled.
Length of Term
Champion is a life long rank
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