Imperial Navy has these awards and titles.  First to board an enemy ship gets a bag of 500 Talents, and they get the pin of the prow, this one here.  The one who defeats a significant menace - some undeader from Harrowlands or a renowned pirate. They get the Silver spear and 100 Talents.  This is the Silver Spear.  This one, the Gold Shield. You protect, save or defend or rescue some who are in a bad place, wounded or out matched and that gets you the Gold Shield of the Preserver.
Imperial Navy sailor Veteran showing awards in a bar


The Golden Shield of the Preserver is awarded by officers who judge a sailor to have shielded and saved crew, officers or allies or on motivation by popular demand for such actions. Specifically one must save, defend or rescue allies or shipmates who are wounded, caught or overmatched. The title of Preserver may be awarded posthumously where heroic action has allowed other to get away. The Golden Shield of the Preserver is also awarded for risk of life in saving or protecting civilians or noncombatants.


The Gold Shield of the Preserver is awarded in both Imperial Navy and Land Legion units. It is only awarded from combat.  The Title of Preserver is given to lower ranks by commanding officers. An officer may not award it to themselves.


After fights and naval engagements awards and recognition will be given as soon as is prudent.  Occasionally the pin may be given immediately.


The bearer of the Shield gains an extra ration of rum water (or wine), one hour free from duties in camp or clear sailing.  The Preservers are also looked up to as one who will "have your back."

Accoutrements & Equipment

The award of Preserver title is signified by a gold pin about 1 cm in the shape of a kite shield.  The backing pin is about 2 cm length.
Alternative Naming

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