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Primary Speaker of the General Assembly

The Primary Speaker is the closest thing to a leader in the organizational structure of the UDSA. The position is most often held by Griavin, but has been held by many different species over the history of the General Assembly.


The Primary Speaker is elected by a vote of the General Assembly from among the members of the Assembly. At least 70% of the members of the Assembly must be present for the vote to be valid. In case no valid vote passes before the end of the previous Speaker's term, a temporary Speaker to preside over the vote of the new Speaker is chosen by an algorithm which determines the least controversial member of the Assembly. The term of this temporary speaker is at most 8 UDSA standard date units.   The term of the primary speaker lasts 128 UDSA Standard Date units, or slightly more than one earth year. A speaker may serve up to 9 total terms, with at least one term of another primary speaker in between sequences of at most 3 consecutive terms.


The Primary Speaker presides over sessions and votes of the General Assembly. They also often attend key diplomatic negotiations as an observer. In addition, Speakers serve a ceremonial role at various events such as induction of new members, christening of major new ships (in particular the first ship or a new flagship design or similar) of the EDF, and some major local events of members such as the Ps'shqr Festival.


The Primary Speaker does not gain additional compensation compared to regular member of the General Assembly, but has additional security details and access to a special ship of the EDF for official travel, which is equipped with facilities that allow attending sessions of the General Assembly remotely if necessary.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Length of Term
128 standard date units;
max. 3 consecutive/9 total terms
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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