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To be recognized as an Archmage has different requirements across the different islands of Ulterra, but it is not an easy feat anywhere. The title carries equal measure of respect and fear, as any mage who could come to call themselves an Archmage is an individual who can call forth miraculous powers at will, but also great destruction. Although it is possible to achieve a great measure of magical power through study, this is very rarely the case. Unfortunately, in the higher echelons of magical achievement, competition is fierce, and most who reach these heights have had to defend their lives and livelihoods from rivals more than once.    Archmagi enjoy a great deal of respect, and are able to fund their magical exploits through service to various monarchs and nobles. Of course, they have to show discretion in their clients. In general, archmagi simply want to be left to pursue magical power, and they try to prevent the world from becoming too turbulent. It's bad for business.


In order to be recognized as an Archmage, a caster must prove themselves to be eminently capable, a worthy addition to the magical community, and a contributor to the next generation.    Firstly, they must be capable of producing a certain caliber of magic. Usually this mastery of magic is signified by a particularly impressive public feat, such as the defeat of a powerful enemy, the construction of an impressive magical artifact, or the creation or mastery of a spell capable of wreaking destruction or creating an effect in an area large enough to effect an entire town, or several miles across.   In addition, a mage is generally not recognized as an Archmage until they have been acknowledged publicly by at least one other Archmage, and trained at least one apprentice. This requirement for approval of another seems like an easy point of weakness, but individuals who become Archmagi are often disparately opinionated, so it is usually possible for an upcoming powerhouse to make at least the one requisite ally to be approved.
Magical, Honorific
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Usually a local monarch
Length of Term


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