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The title of 'Wanderer of Etoile' is granted solely by the discretion of the Princeps, with no other qualifications required by the state.


Wanderers of Etoile are those who have demonstrated the absolute heights of virtue in service to the Principality of Etoile and their fellow citizenry. This is typically through either a lifetime of virtuous service or some sort of heroic deed, but the title is so rare that only six persons have been granted the title in the history of the Principality, four posthumously, and each a hero in their own right.


The entitlement of a Wanderer of Etoile is a formal occasion, with the Princeps presiding over an elaborate ceremony at the palace in the Etoile Capital City. Should the recipient be alive, the Princeps presents them to the ministers of state, reads the text of the reasoning for the entitlement, before granting the recipient a braided cord signifying their status and, if not already an officer of the state, a formal uniform of that of an Officer of the Principality. Posthumous ceremonies present a wreath to the next of kin of the recipient.


Wanderers of Etoile are expected to uphold the highest standards of moral virtue and the principle of Progress. This is, however, left to them as they see fit; the award itself is given only to those that the Princeps places absolute trust. This duty is in the abstract; the title of Wanderer requires no actual duties and in fact frees the Wanderer from any of their explicit prior obligations to the state. While some may question the use of freeing someone from their oath of loyalty to the Principality, the reasoning is that a Wanderer of Etoile can be trusted to guide the state back to the path of virtue, should the Principality as a whole stray from its path.


Wanderers of Etoile are given the absolute freedom of the state and are free from any obligations to the state or state parties. This is a freedom far more extensive than that granted to The Magistrates on their official duties - by law, Wanderers may travel anywhere and enter any private property, and must be granted complete freedom of motion (it is in fact criminal to deny a Wanderer entry to any location). The reasoning for this is similar to that of the freedom of the Magistrate; the conception of a Wanderer as a paragon and upholder of absolute virtue means that there is no reason to deny the Wanderer entry unless that person is themselves unvirtuous. Sardonic commentary from journals notes the possibility of Wanderers interrupting a married couple's lovemaking session, or watching people use public toilets, but that has of course not actually happened.   In addition to this freedom, Wanderers may call upon the District Commander of an area for supplies, money, and aid as necessary, and in theoretically unlimited amounts. This privilege technically extends to all private citizens, who can theoretically be compelled to give everything they have to a passing Wanderer, but a Magisterial decision in line with the opinion of the Princeps renders that specific line of law unenforceable.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A braided metal cord, woven from strands of platinum and gold and worn pinned to the chest and looped around the shoulder, is the instantly-recognizable sign of a Wanderer, and can be worn with anything. Similar to counterfeiting, forgery of the cord of a Wanderer is one of the few capital crimes of the Principality of Etoile.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Wanderers may not be dismissed upon entitlement. In fitting with their role as virtuous guardians of the people of Etoile, this is meant to shield them from state retribution, as it is their duty to guide the state back towards virtue should the Principality itself go astray. The mark of a Wanderer is permanent, and even if a Wanderer should engage in extreme criminal activity, they will be imprisoned or executed with their braided cord on their chest.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The Princeps of Etoile
Length of Term
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