Dragonmarked individuals are exceedingly rare. To become Dragonmarked, one must not only attract the attention of a True Dragon, but also prove to them that one has great potential or a profound destiny. Even then, the dragon might not choose to mark the individual for various reasons, but more often than not, it is because the would-be Dragonmarked does not align well with their values and agenda.   Dragonmarking is a serious affair as it creates, by its very nature, a profound bond between the dragon and the Dragonmarked. While said bond has its benefits for both parties, the majority of the drawbacks are borne by the dragon. For one thing, the connection between a Dragonmarked and the dragon that marked them can be used as a sort of focus for divination magic. While most dragons are wise enough and capable enough to have countermeasures against spying, this is still an unacceptable risk for some.   And even should the divination magic fail, the bond can be modified in way to allow the Dragonmarked to get a sense of where the dragon is relative to them. As Sadida Ocala demonstrated during her hunt for Crannonvog, this can be enough to pinpoint the location of the dragon. Because of the nature of the bond, this particular technique cannot be blocked by anti-divination magic. The dragon may not even necessarily be aware of it.   Not even the most capricious and mean of evil dragons treat the matter of Dragonmarking lightly. However much such a dragon might desire to sow chaos in the land, they will not Dragonmark even the most incorrigible villain unless they know they will be safe, and that the villain would be able to carry out the destruction they crave.
Magical, Honorific


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