va'lar (vah-LAHR; Thali)

"For your great courage and strength in battle, I name you va'lar. Go forth and let all know that you are blessed by Zefrak."
  In Kaer Thalion, titles are sometimes given in the form of names. Va'lar is one such title. Translating literally as "valorous", it more accurately means "brave and honorable beyond compare". The title can be given only by the emperor or dowager empress, and is usually done at the recommendation of one of the empire's jaruls.  

Appointment & Ceremony

When a Thali warrior performs an act of considerable bravery, intelligence, and honor, they are considered for the title of "va'lar". Such acts go above and beyond normal duty and usually involve extreme risk to the warrior in question. Such acts include singlehandedly turning the tide of a losing battle, putting one's self in a potentially fatal situation to save innocents, or succeeding in a great feat that all others have failed at. When such an act occurs and the decision is made to grant them the title of "va'lar", they are summoned to the imperial palace in Durleik for the ceremony. It is customary for the warrior to not be informed of the pending title until it is granted by the emperor. This is to prevent warriors form bragging of their accomplishment before it has truly been acknowledged. The ceremony is attended by any military officers present in the capital as well as empire officials and priests of Zefrak. The warrior is led to the emperor's throne by Zefrak's high priest, where the emperor officially bestows the honor upon them. The high priest then adorn the warrior's wrists with bracers decorated with ceremonial red silk that has been blessed by the God of War to protect the wearer in battle.
Civic, Honorific
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The Thali emperor or empress.
Length of Term
indefinite; once given it remains unless taken back by the emporer
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