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Zephyrus, God of War

"Listen well to the Harbinger's call. Let it fill you with fear, let terror plague your steps, for only a fool walks into war with a sure heart. Let your conviction and your honor be shaken, for it is through battle that a man's true nature is shown. He who maintains his conviction, his honor, shall have my blessing."
— from the Code of War, supposedly spoken by Zephyrus to the warrior Arion Starcaller

One of the divine archons, he is a member of the Circle of Ímlæs. He governs Tristor, the fourth month of the year, when the blood moon is dominant.

Contrary to popular belief, Zephyrus is far more than a simple warmonger. He scorns thoughtless conflict, and only blesses warriors who fight in worthy battles. During times of war, his power can grow to enormous levels, enough to challenge any of the other gods if he wished. He is revered across Dálnaes, though he has the strongest following in Caer Thalion.


Zephyrus commands his worshipers to fight honorably and for a just cause. He condemns senseless battle and warmongers.

Holy Books & Artifacts

The Code of War is a text most popular in Caer Thalion. It was written by a group of warriors who were believed to be blessed with otherworldly skill by the war god, and contains advice and lessons regarding strategy and combat.

Legend says that warriors of particular skill and honor may find themselves blessed with a divine weapon from Zephyrus. Named Xanafang, it is believed the weapon changes form to suit the skill of the wielder, but no one can say for sure. So far, stories have spoken of a spear, sword, bow, and warhammer all of similar design with a silver glow that have bestowed god-like strength and skill to their wielders. Xanafang's appearance has not been reported in over three hundred years.

Holidays & Festivals

Caer Thalion has numerous festivals dedicated to the God of War, and special offerings are made any time they are about to go into battle. The humans of other kingdoms do not celebrate Zephyrus as faithfully, though he is included in several holidays that celebrate the gods as a whole.


Zephyrus, God of War


Towards Drakala, the Queen of Beasts

Drakala, the Queen of Beasts


Towards Zephyrus, God of War

Zephyrus, God of War


Towards Diami, Goddess of Love

Diami, Goddess of Love


Towards Zephyrus, God of War

Alternate Names

Zefrak (Thali/Glyfen)

Ärzef (Kilgrothian)



Symbols & Signs

Two crossed swords, a sword crossed over a bow, or a warrior surrounded by flames

Divine Relations

Father: none, born from the divine essences of Malorel, Noxera, and Ritanya as they clashed with Chaos during Creation.

Mother: none

Spouse/Romantic Interest: Drakala

Children: Articus, Crothus, Mortus, God of the Bow, Argus, [Enaeus], [Kycius], Pantarus; also the father of the mortal Lucius

Siblings: none


Divine Classification
Major God, Circle


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