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A Postmaster was a nobilitation of the Director of local post office. While there was no Station above the Director, receiving the Honor of becoming a Postmaster, in a sense, made a Person "First among Equals".


There were no formal Qualifications required, however, it was unlikely to receive this Rank without being a Director of Postal Services for at least a year or two.

Skills that are harder to quantify that helped in receiving this honorable Title was a great sense for business and duty.


There was an informal requirement to be a Director of Postal Services for at least a year before this Rank could be attributed.


A Director of Postal Services that frequently outshined their national Colleagues, either through particularly efficient Deliveries or by increasing their Services Profits decidedly, could be raised to the Rank of Postmaster by the Queen Regent or King Regent of Drusseodia.


There were no official duties attached to this title, however, on a honor basis, any Postmaster ensured to provide concise and measured Advise for any Director of Postal Services requiring them.

This could also mean, this Advice was provided without having been requested.


Most obvious Benefit of becoming a Postmaster was an Honorguard, called the Postmasters Entourage, which would follow the Recipient of this Title.

Accoutrements & Equipment

In early days, a golden Postmans Cap was used to designate Individuals occupying this Rank, however, as Time progressed, it seemed less and less appropriate until it finally had almost taken on a mocking tone to wear one.

For this reason a new Insignia was created, a Brooche in the form of the outline of a 100 Emporikes Standard Envelope, which could be worn on the now common Suites without looking too much out of place but also be easily recognizeable.

Cultural Significance

The significance of the Rank diminished with the decrease in usefullness of the overall Postal Service, which was completely replaced by more localized (and privatized) Courier Services.


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