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Tschornte Wellfast (Tschorn-tje Well-fast)

Postmaster Tschornte Wellfast

Postmaster Tschornte Wellfast is the last of Drusseodias Directors of Postal Services.

Mental characteristics


Tschornte visited common school and then joind the "School for young Post Delivery Man", from which he graduated with Honors four years later.


After finishing his Education, he received a Station in the Main Postal Center of Brossal, at that Point the largest in all of Inquest.

Working tiredlessly and diligently, he managed soon to establish himself as someone of competence and a Person to contact if Trouble needed to be served.

After serving the Postal Service for twenty years as Delivery Man inside the City and on long-haul Deliveries, he was called into Office by the King Regent personally, after his predecessor had died surprisingly from pneumonia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Living Legend has it that in an Attempt to proof he was faster and better than a new Sorting Machine to be installed at Brossal, he engaged in a twenty-four hour long challenge to sort all of the letters of one day.

The Story goes that, while he was soon overtaken by the machine, it broke down six times, and in the End wasn't able to catch up with Tschorntes steady Approach.

Failures & Embarrassments

An Open Secret between good Friends and Colleagues of Tschornte had been a short stint in Prison, he had to endure and which grieved him deeply.

As a young Delivery Man, he engaged in a Discussion with a Colleague, which soon turned heated. His Coworker did not aggree with the Propositions the young Man had wanted to make towards his Superior in an attempt to increase the Volume they could deliver.

While Details are vague and kept that way out of respect, it is believed that his Colleague did not look forward to doing more work for the same pay.

The Discussion turned into an Argument, and the Argument into a fight, just as they passed over a Bridge carrying large Sacks of the Days Letters for a Town.

From the records it can be reconstructed that Tschornte received a Shove from his Coworker which was accompanied with some derragatory curses against his Person. Enraged by this, the younger and much stronger Tschornte returned the Favor, however, his Coworker tripped over something, lost his Balance and was dragged by the Weight on his Shoulder over the railing of the Bridge.

Tumbling down into a small river beneath, the Man was dragged immediately dragged below the surface and vanished.

To his honor, Tschornte sprang after him, after having himself relieved from his Bag, searching for the remainder of the Day for his Comrade. Only after the Day had turned to Night, did he stop his search and looked for help at the next town.

His Coworker could only be secured dead, anchored to the ground of a shallow pool downriver by a bag of letters which just as well might've been made from lead.

Despite this Occurance been entered as unfortunate Accident into his Record of Employment, he never forgot and is known to have gone personally to search for missing Workers of the Postal Service in any weather.


Amalgeta Pjuur

Ex-Lover (Vital)

Towards Tschornte Wellfast



Tschornte Wellfast

Ex-Lover (Vital)

Towards Amalgeta Pjuur




Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1834 76 Years old

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