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Postmasters Entourage

The Postmasters Entourage is a group of aging Ex-Soldiers sworn to protect the Postmaster of Brossal or give their Lives trying.

Honoring the Dead

At the height of the Unit, as many as ten to twenty were either crippled or mortally wounded during exercises each year.

To die in battle for a soldier is easy. To be ready to exert oneself beyond ability and then to further apply all strength to the point of a disregard for life, this is the quality of the Postmasters Entourage.

And thus, we honor those that have fallen during peace time more than the heroes lost in war, for they gave more than they had, were normal beings would've given none.
— Excerpt of the Honoring of the Dead Ceremony

A Sanatorium was created to house those that could not rejoin in active duty, where they would do Administrative Work or enjoy the best Treatments and care the Unit could acquire.

It is said that this new perspective on the worth and value of a being beyond mere physical abilities, was cause to the great shift in public approach to citizens without full use of their bodies. While historic numbers are not without dispute, even the most pessimistic estimates wage that as many as 350.000 citizens were restored from poverty and being outcast within the first 5 years following the first public Honoring of the Dead Ceremony.

A solemn Visit

Should you ever visit Brossal, make sure to leave by the south-gate and wander along the street for about fifteen minutes, you will come across a small Gate within a simple granite archway that has a letter symbol on its keystone. Enter this gate and follow the path behind it until you reach the Pearly Stables, the final Resting Place of the Mounts lost to the Postmasters Entourage

Take note of the statue that tops the central cenotaph of a rider embracing his dying steeds head while crying bitterly, and then sit beneath the stone bench. Looking south, you will see the ghostly shadow of a winged horse rise from the sad scenery at your back.

Magistra San Misch Fran Oder created this singular spectacle of emotional and lifelike stone memorial and devised the intricate interplay of mirrors and forms, for which she won sixteen awards in both the applied arts and architecture.

Especially the lifelike representation of tears and the unbelievable detailed mane of the horse are treated as Inquests best display of sculpting.

Furthermore, if you ensure to properly take note of your surroundings, you will see that each large grave has a smaller one attached to its side, as each mount is interred with their rider and each rider is kept with its mount.



From the original 1.000 women and men tasked to keep the Postmaster secure and alive, only six remain.


Polished riding boots with copper gleaming plates on the front are the signature accouterments of the Postmaster Entourage, used to protect the Rider's Feet when breaking through enemy Formations.

Tight cut trousers, shirts and jackets, made from the same gray material as a postman's uniform, are worn under silver breastplates. Any damage to the uniform suffered by enemies weapons that caused a wound, is patched with red silk sewn on black canvas.

Each Person is allotted a Horse of best breed and training which has made accustomed to the loud reports of the Scrollthrowers.


Each Soldier and Officer is equiped with a Horsemens Sabre, two small Scrollthrowers placed in Holsters at each Side of the Hip, and if desired by the Person, an additional long Scrollthrower placed on a Harness on their Mounts side or slung over their Shoulders.


The official leader of the Postmasters Entourage is the Postmaster, however, as those rarely had any tactical or strategic prowess, a Officer of the Postmasters Entourage strived to complete any Task the Postmaster would give, while handling the Planing and Execution on his own accords.


Many early soldiers were recruited as security detail for the Postmaster and had a wide variety of expertise. Through sharing these experiences and a common love for Horses, they created a combined training regiment consisting of the most gruesome and hardest of exercises.


Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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The Postman's Horses

Through faithful attention, the hardest training, and loving care, each of the beastly Mounts employed with the Postmasters Entourage, were made unwilling to forsake their riders, often reported defending them against all odds or throwing themselves before attackers weapons in an attempt to shield their riders from further harm.

No Rider would ever forsake their Mount without being dragged from its side by many men, making them perhaps the most important implement for each soldier.

It is reported that after the worst battles for this Unit, as many Soldiers died through their own hands or simply perished away from grief caused by the loss of their mount, as had been slain during combat.


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