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Chosen Guardian

Psychics within the Guardians of the Drill who has shown great political aptitude, outlandish strategy, and a major take-down of a larger spikedriven craft. Those are the ones who go into the runnings for Chosen Guardianship.   The role is one of the only truely real positions of power within the organization, beyond just organizing outcomes and what have you. Sure, there's an inner circle, but there's a difference. The Inner circle are trusted, in the know - but the Chosen Guardian? They have the truest of influences. They are God's chosen, after all.   Those who speak of the old world would liken them to a Papal figure, or a Prophet, perhaps. On the event of the Chosen Guardian's death, The inner circle makes to vote upon the candidate, but it is more of an open discussion, and does still involve several thousand people.   So, the pope of a terrorist organization. At least for how most brand them. To the believers? They're a beacon of hope. Of safety to the universe.   Of the prevention of a second scream.


There are 4 primary requirements:
  • Being a Powerful Psychic
  • Being a Notable Strategist
  • Being an Outstanding Politician
  • Being an Accomplished "Veteran"
Beyond that, one's individual personality is key factor to winning; acheiving the most votes once your candidacy is decided.


Appointment is a non-optional process. Once put up for proposal by those within the Inner Circle, you are denied your vote and you are isolated
(this has been used as a political maneuver in the past) until such a time as that the initial votes are cast. Upon a tie, no clear winner (10% more than the next highest candidate), or a >40% "No preference" vote, the candidates are "released" to perform proper debates on their candidacy - having been given a vital period of time to prepare.   Once speeches are out of the way, the candidates are re-sealed. This is repeated until a candidate is selected.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Great Protector
Alternative Naming
Solemn Guardian, His Voice, The Wounded One's Speaker
Equates to
Modern Religion: Pope Children of the Drill: The Void's Eldest
Source of Authority
The Inner Circle
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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