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The Vanisher

The Vanisher is a master theft that starts in 25489. That is the earliest record of him. He will find a letter on the wall with a dagger that green blade black smoking center pin it. When you touch the blade or paper, the dagger disappears. know the letter said, dear, add the name of owner I will become the night of his choosing to take whatever he wants from you. I will like to thank you for holding on to it for me. I think the time for it to get a new home and appropriating it from you. When he comes for your stuffs, you most like will not see him but something like a shadow. There are few that have seen him. Say he dress all in black with cloak and were a white mask. He just somehow able to be one with shadow and can Vanish into stine air. No one has ever caught him. So when you get your letter get ready and say goodby to your items.


For the current user to see a drive-in 3 areas. They are greed you must have to want to make whatever you. To the skill to pull off job or at less the potential to become great and want to show it and use it. the last one love a changes the hard it is the more fun you should be having. So how current user can see it.


The title is not just a title it is your new life. You take on the prosona of the Vansher dressing and act slimer and the power. what the is the title that the world know is also a mental that give the power of The Vanisher Shadow mutipltion, specter dagger that all way look same, the ablity to Vanish. You also give the desier to make your own mask and were it. The last you will find succer the title will live on when you hand over the title you Vanish leving only your mask


This Title has been noted for a lot of great crimes. throughout the last seven thousand years. Like stealing King jews of Saint Oxford and place on the jewels on the states with the first king put on the dog, not on the lord. stolen several pieces of great artwork all thought out the world. Was the one to break into Zero banking the one with know nearly unbreakable fort and magical lock safe and trap that make a dungeon a walk in the park. These are just a few accounts of his work.

Notable Holders

No one knows the name or how many holders have been it seems like is just one person but how long he has been active that no species that live that long. It does not even know what species any holder had been. The only thank is we know they are male. It is belive to be passed down from father to son because they have the same ability or some that build powerful tome that gives and teach the power.
Magical, Professional
Yep when you are given it and don the outfit you become one most want person in the world.
Source of Authority
it give by the current Vanisher to the next one
Length of Term
It for the rest of the owner life

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