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Kauma Toru

Those who watch the watcher.

Kauma Toru is both a rank and an organization, or more correctly a hidden group.
While some well connected citizens of the Realm have heard of the Kauma Toru, the term is not known to the general public. There is no need for citizens to know of the Kauma Toru. So, they do not.
The Devouring Mother has made her Will known to those who can see through the action of her Pioneers.

The Kauma Toru have almost unlimited authority when it comes to policing and monitoring the Paragon and no authority over the Realm. She is clear on this limited yet powerful scope of the Kauma Toru. Paragons are constantly aware that while the Mother trusts them to be Her Will manifest, there are always those in the ranks who fall prey to the temptations of Divergence.

Each Paragon knows of Dey-Sek's betrayal.

The Kauma Toru have prevented such betrayal ever since.
Each of the 13 has a unique way of fulfilling their duties, because all of the 13 are powerful, experienced, trusted and wise. And, it is known amongst the Paragons of a sufficient rank, that they can communicate directly with the Devouring Mother.


Lifetimes of skill and wisdom in the workings of Ee-Loque, lifetimes of understanding the Paragon Organization, its role and relationships to the Realm, the Brotherhood of Medicaments, and the Devouring Mother. Loyalty to Her Will, above all.


Those Paragons who are granted this rank are old. They have worked their way through the ranks of Paragons, and have proven themselves to Her.


They are notified directly. And, then others are noticed directly. The few persons who have attempted to impersonate Kauma Toru, have been quickly and effectively eliminated by Her Will.


Protect and make sure that Her Will is manifest in the Paragons, their policy, decisions and actions.


Glorious purpose fulfilled.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

They are directly informed.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
Devouring Mother
Length of Term
Her discretion.
Related Organizations

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