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Breath of the World

Breath is the essence of thinking beings. Every creature that can reason, act and choose its fate has Breath. As they grow older and experience more, the capacity to hold Breath increases. Breath can be given to another with a simple ritual.
Say the words “My Breath to your Breath.”
Breath can not be taken.
Everyone has Breath, and in theory everyone can use Breath to create works of magic.
But, working magic requires more then Breath. Breath is the raw fuel and without understanding to shape that fuel there is no way to control how that fuel is used. Using unshaped Breath is deadly. Paragons have been maimed, stricken down, and the Breath has shaped the world into terrible scenes of disaster when used unshaped.
Breath like all things requires the structure of law to truly realize its potential. The teachings of the Devouring Mother provide this.

Giving Breath
Anyone can give away their Breath. Simply be close to the person whom you wish to give your breath to and say the ritual phrase, “My Breath to your Breath.”
Immediately, you will feel your Breath leave you and flow into the other person. For those giving up a significant amount of Breath, all will be able to see this as a glowing rainbow coloured stream emanating from your mouth to the other’s.
This happens in a moment that feels like an eternity.
Those who have given a lot of their Breath to another are Bleached. They are dull of wit, lacking of motivation, pale in complexation and lack a vibrance. In extreme cases, the Bleached completely loose the ability to act independently.
Over time titles for the Bleached have developed rooted in the reasons for the giving up of Breath.
Slaved - are citizens who are sworn to the serving of Paragons for the remained of their lives. These poor souls are almost always criminals.
Indentured - are people who have contracted with Paragons for a time to alleviate a debt, obligation or as a sentence for a crime.
Bleeder - routinely give up breath for profit or favours. They limit the amount of breath that the give to a Paragon or another, so that they can regain Breath through hard work. Some citizens have become wealthy in this manner of carefully trading breath for profit. It is common for Bleeders to work together in small groups to help each other when one or more are Bleached.

Receiving Breath
Anyone can receive Breath. And, in theory they can hold as much as they want. It is possible to recover from Bleaching by receiving Breath. It is possible to exceed your true ability by receiving Breath. This is Saturation. Being Saturated is obvious. People see you as vibrant, more aware and stronger then normal. There are serious long-term impacts of remaining Saturated and the Paragons seek out those who are Saturated to make sure that these long term effects are dealt with appropriately.
People who remain Saturated too long develop mental illness. They become chaotic, self-centered and driven. They draw others with them. They plan and make their plans happen regardless of consequences. They are dangerous in their mania.


When breath is given it manifests as a glittery light fog passing from one persons mouth to another. Many report that the color of the fog varies depending on the race and the mood of the person giving the breath.


Breath is a worldwide supernatural law.

“ There was this time when Giff, he was Saturated because the town needed to build a bridge and it had to be just right, and he was the mill wright, so we needed him to be his best, and so a couple of us gave him our Breath. It was good. The bridge was built good, but when it was done he didn’t want to give back our Breath. What were going to do? So, for three days the whole town waited for the Paragons. And, those three says were scary strange. Giff had us build a tower so he could watch that no one ruined the bridge, and he got angry whenever people complained they were tired because they worked so long, but Giff never seemed to get tired. For three days. He was lucky because of being Saturated, so no one went against him. When the Paragon’s came, they fixed him up good. We gave them some Breath too, and in a few hours Giff returned what he had borrow. And, the Paragons took him away. Poor Giff, but that’s what happens when you steal people’s Breath.”
  Varrz - Elf - Merchant/Tinker
“Breath is the soul of magic. You have a gift. Everyone can give or receive Breath, but only you and other Paragons can control Breath. Only you can expel it into the world as you desire. This is a deep responsibility. And, as a Paragon you will be trained to use Breath well, lawfully, and in service to the Realm. Anything else is hearsy.”
Paragon Induction Speech
Metaphysical, Supernatural
“My Gran Gran told me about giving Breath. I know that we have to do it, but it’s so scary. They come and collect the Breath for the Devouring Month and those that give it get the token. But, they look so different. She was so happy and alive before, and after she was alive but dead. She lived, talked, you know everything, but it wasn’t her. She just did stuff, but And it was a long time before it was her. So, in the end it worked out. Months though and that token let us have a break from taxes and some people gave us gifts because they didn’t need to give their Breath. So, I guess it was alright, but I don’t want to give up my Breath. Maybe when I’m old like Gran Gran. You know. Really old. Gran Gran old.”
  Teddy - Human Child

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