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It is commonly known that anything that falls into the main shaft of The Pit, be it an item or a human, can simply be considered dead and lost. Even birds or flying machines can't survive getting there, as nothing can fly in The Pit, the only exception being Beasts from Above.   So when someone manages to somehow fall a few layers down and survive, no matter how, it's something people will talk about. People who do so, are often called Pit-leapers.


To become Pit-leaper, one has to fall at least one layer down in the main shaft of The Pit and survive. There were a few ways people managed to do so. Some fell into the cobwebs created by giant spiders in the past, some got caught up in or managed to catch the plants growing on the sides of the layers. There's even a story of some lucky gal who started falling a few layers above The Layer of Factories. When she was near it, one of the broken pipes on its side shot the water at a weird angle, slowing her fall and sending her towards the edge.
Not every Pit-leaper is that lucky and a lot of them end up with various injuries, many of which need immediate treatment.
Alternative Naming
Leapers, fliers, damn flukers
Length of Term
Lifetime. Once someone becomes a Pit-leaper, they have this title until they die.
Related Locations
The only benefit from becoming a Pit-leaper is the bragging rights one gets. Once in a while there can be someone so impressed with their story, they'll buy them a drink.

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