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King of the Mountain

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If you want to be the king, you have to earn it! Come and get me you coward!
  The children in Kryyn have made the claim on a large pile of dirt and stone on Mr. Makaal's property - but you can't just become the king here, for you must earn this prestigious title in a competition to show your courage and your worth.    Do you really have what it takes to be the leader of this pile of dirt?  

Competition for the throne

This epic battle consist of 5 rounds, where the current king participates as well:  
  • First on the menu, is the long obstacle course built through the forest and up in trees, whoever makes it through the course the fastest gets the points for that round.
  • Next is the cow race; one cow, Minni, lets the children ride on her back, and whoever gets her to the other side of the fence the fastest gets the point!
  • Tree climbing; yes you guessed it, get to the top and back down the fastest, and there are points for you!
  • Fencing - an epic fight with sticks, and whoever gets the other on the ground first wins the point!
  • Battle of words! A neutral person chooses the beginning word and then the current king starts with a word that rhymes, and they'll now alternately say a new word that rhymes... Whoever gets the last word wins the point!
  • And now, in the end, the person with the most points have now won the title of king of the mountain!  

    The mountain kingdom

      At the edge of the property the throne is placed on top of the mountain (dirt pile), and next to it lies the enclosure for the cows, and the forest to the other side. The kingdom spans all the way around Mr. Makaals property and a big chunk of the forest next to it. When you are the mountain king, you rule Makaal's farm, the forest and the creatures within the forest. The other children will be tasked with important roles within the kingdom, to make sure all the animals are safe and sound.   No one is king for long, as you can at any time challenge them to an epic competition and battle for the throne - and you, as the king, cannot decline such a challenge without automatically giving up your claim to the thrown, and the competition will be held for those who want to take up the throne.

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