To become a saint, one must adhere to the tenants of ones faith so deeply that no one can doubt ones blessing of the gods.


Many saints begin their road as monks or clerics of their faith. A dedication to their path is the only necessity.


To become a fully recognized saint, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Must have renounced worldly wealth
  2. Must have spent at least a tenth of their lifetime in prayer and meditation
  3. Must have performed two acts of Great Charity
  4. Must have publicly declared their faith at risk of their own life


In the Church of the Scales, the Head Adjudicator announces to the faithful new candidates for sainthood. These candidates are frequently discussed and observed over the course of several months, after which the Head Adjudicator decides to confirm them as saints or discard their application.   In Gav Mowai, the thaas circulate among themselves who should be considered a saint and this is passed by worth of mouth to their petitioners.


If a saint is recognized during their lifetime, they bear the duties of caring for others of their faith, as well as uplifting those in poverty and need. This is usually an offshoot of their saintly requirements as well.


Sainthood usually elevates a commoner to a state of divine grace and fame. The families of saints may become famous in their own right and some have been elevated in social status by association.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If a saint is found to have fradulently achieved any of their requirements, they can be stripped of their sainthood.


Katla Hükha is one of the first recorded saints, having posthumously received knighthood after her slaying of the Sun Serpent. While she did not spend her life in contemplation as many following saints did, her acts of bravery and selfless sacrifice earned her the title.

Cultural Significance

Most religions approach sainthood as a king might approach knighthood: they assess the candidate, interview them, observe them. Once they are deemed worthy of the title, great celebration surrounds the appointment. Both the Church of the Scales and Gav Mowai appoint saints pre- and posthumously to honor those who have shown exceptional charity and piety, as well as performed miracles or feats of strength on behalf of the church. Often, sainthood is accompanied by the celebration of a new holy day.
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