Political Gossip

The things the courtiers and noble-borns are gossiping about.

  • 1382 AW

    Death of King Geruf I
    Life, Death

    King Geruf I's death caused a political climate of instability across Westerheim, inspiring border skirmishes along the Galavnayan and Pikaen borders.

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  • 1394 AW

    Death of King Volney
    Life, Death

    The death of King Volney of Chereladi sparked a resurgence of tensions between Pikae and Chereladi.

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  • 1432 AW

    Death of King Rufino

    The death of Zlora's king, Rufino Morgan signaled political struggles; Galavnaya and Kargasa both renewed their attempts to invade and control the smaller country.

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  • 1582 AW

    Birth of Prince Hector Hadleigh
    Life, Birth

    The first son of Crown Prince Geruff Hadleigh and Duchess Aurora Morgan was born. Rumor has it the new prince is sickly and twisted and may not survive long. No one has seen him outside of the royal quarters and it's been almost six months!

  • 1585 AW

    Birth of Prince Geoffrey Hadleigh
    Life, Birth

    Crown Prince Geruff and Duchess Aurora have had their second son! Rumor has it, it was a rough birth and the Duchess was in labor for hours under the care of the Tsisi monks. But the baby's healthy and loud and there's some whispering that Prince Geruff will name him the heir over the sickly first prince.

  • 1586 AW

    King Rosher Hadleigh dies
    Life, Death

    King Rosher has died! Long live King Geruff!

  • 1588 AW

    Crowning of King Geruff Hadleigh II
    Political event

    After the death of King Rosher Hadleigh, Crown Prince Geruff was officially crowned as king of Chereladi. It was a beautiful, stately ceremony and afterward, he announced the official adoption of his second son as Crown Prince. Prince Hector, his first son, will be given land and title near Grimm Castle and will be known as "Duke of Grimm." Prince Geoffrey Aurelio Hadleigh will be our next king!

  • 1590 AW

    Dowager Princess Jennifer Varin dies
    Life, Death

    After a short illness, Chereladi's previous royal consort, Jennifer Varin has died surrounded by her family and closest friends. She is survived by her sons, King Geruff Hadleigh II and Sir Jostif Hadleigh of Star Cliffs; grandsons Crown Prince Geoffrey and Duke Hector Hadleigh of Grimm, Hannu Hadleigh-Mosakki of Star Cliffs, and granddaughters, Ilsa and Betta Hadleigh-Mosakki of Star Cliffs.

  • 1591 AW

    Sir Jostif Hadleigh building at Star Cliffs
    Construction beginning/end

    Rumor has it that Sir Jostif Hadleigh has decided to hang up his pirate's cutlass and settle down in the region of Star Cliffs for good. His Ma'ii-born wife died around the same time Princess Jennifer did, so there's some talk that he needs a good nursemaid. Granted, given the odd people he has running in and out of that half-ruined castle all day, who knows what he actually needs. Those poor children.

  • 1600 AW

    Lady Katiana Varin to page in Pikae Capital.
    Life, Education

    Duke Rion Varin's wayward daughter, Lady Katiana Varin-Hummell is rumored to be spending the next three years paging in the service of the Pikae Islands' Royal Court. The good news is she should be staying out of the reach of the Sickly Duke, who has been seen in his cousin's company far too frequently for most civilized sentiments. His proclivities for loose women and copious drink are far too harmful for a young lady like Duke Rion's eldest daughter. May she find good company and refined friendships with the Qense daughter, Princess Marina.

  • 1602 AW

    Princess Marina Abducted
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Last seen in the company of Lady Katye Varin, dressed as men and headed for the low-down docks! Any information should be reported to the Pikae Offical Guard as soon as possible. We all pray for the Princess's safe return, as well as her companion.

  • 1602 AW

    Princess Marina and Lady Katye Varin arrested
    Criminal Activity

    After six weeks of intense searching and worry, Princess Marina of Qense was found aboard a stolen ship in company with Lady Katye Varin. Both women were found to be drunk and dressed as men, though both appeared to have enjoyed their time immensely. It seems likely that Lady Katye will be sent back home to Varin Castle as punishment for this corruption of a neighboring royal.

  • 1603 AW

    Lost Prince Found
    Political event

    The Dowager Queen Margareta of Qense has announced the discovery and adoption of a new royal heir! In the weeks following King Kefarro's death, a woman arrived at the Qense palace with an infant she claimed was the son of King Kefarro. According to the Dowager Queen, the child has the look of his father and she has adopted him with the intent to raise him to royal standards and give his mother a place within the royal household as well.

  • 1603 AW

    Royal Wedding Announced

    King Geruff Hadleigh II of Chereladi and King Marico Qense II of the Pikae Islands are pleased to announce the marriage of Crown Prince Geoffrey Aurelio Hadleigh-Morgan and Princess Marina Qense. The public wedding ceremony lasted three days and was attended by many royal and international guests of renown. The Crown Prince was attended by his brother, Duke Hector Hadleigh-Morgan of Grimm. The Princess was attended by her dear friend, Lady Katiana Varin-Hummell of Varin House. The Crown Prince and Princess will spent three weeks touring the Galavanayan mountain border before returning to the royal residence in Hadleigh Castle.

  • 1605 AW

    Royal Bun in the Oven!
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Crown Prince Geoffrey and Princess Marina have announced they are expecting their first child in late September! Many speculations about gender, name and planned upbringing have been flying around court of late, but all we can do is wait and listen for more news.

  • 1606 AW

    28 /9

    Birth of Prince Ross Hadleigh-Qense
    Life, Birth

    Crown Prince Geoffrey and Princess Marina are pleased to announce the birth of their first son, Prince Ross Hadleigh-Qense, September 28th, 1606. Royal visitations and viewings will commence upon clearance from the royal physician.

  • 1607 AW


    King Geruff Hadleigh II dies
    Life, Death

    King Geruff II has died! Long live King Geoffrey!

  • 1607 AW

    15 /4

    Coronation of King Geoffrey Aurelio Hadleigh-Morgan
    Political event

    King Geoffrey Aurelio Hadleigh-Morgan was crowned this morning to the sounds of somber trumpets and the scattering of daisy petals. Still dressed in his mourning attire, the former Crown Prince addressed his people from the King's Perch while accompanied by his bride, Princess Marina of Qense. No sight of their newborn son, Prince Ross was reported, nor was he announced as the new Crown Prince, but our new King was clearly still grieving the loss of his father. Our prayers and hopes are with the royal family as they venture forward on this new journey together.