The continental history of Westerheim and its neighbors.

  • 1 AW

    1 First

    Chereladi Founded

  • 540 AW

    5 Third

    Geruff Hadleigh II born
    Life, Birth
  • 585 AW

    5 Fifth

    Geoffrey Morgan-Hadleigh born
    Life, Birth
  • 591 AW

    5 Fifth

    Ianthe born
    Life, Birth
  • 601 AW

    26 Fourth
    601 AW

    30 Fourth

    Geoff and Marina married

    Prince Geoffrey Morgan-Hadleigh wedded to Princess Marina of Qense.

  • 602 AW

    22 Tenth

    Simon Garde hired by House Varin
    Life, Relocation
  • 603 AW

    15 Second
    615 AW

    26 Eighth

    The Border Wars
    Military action

    The Federated Merchants of Kargasa declared war on Chereladi, Zlora, and Pikae.

  • 612 AW

    18 Tenth

    Aubry Hadleigh-Morgan born
    Life, Birth
  • 1255 AW

    Something Big Happened
    Disaster / Destruction

    Need to write into history something major which happened in 1255, as both the king and his heir died in the same year.

  • 1382 AW

    Death of King Geruf I
    Life, Death

    King Geruf I's death caused a political climate of instability across Westerheim, inspiring border skirmishes along the Galavnayan and Pikaen borders.

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  • 1394 AW

    Death of King Volney
    Life, Death

    The death of King Volney of Chereladi sparked a resurgence of tensions between Pikae and Chereladi.

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  • 1432 AW

    Death of King Rufino

    The death of Zlora's king, Rufino Morgan signaled political struggles; Galavnaya and Kargasa both renewed their attempts to invade and control the smaller country.

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