Chereladian Border Wars

During King Geoff's reign, border disputes with several smaller nations along Chereladi's borders sprang up and he mobilized the military and navy in order to protect the border. In addition to fighting with his troops for the eight year dispute, he arranged and signed a peace treaty with the border nations as well as other neighboring countries.

The Conflict


When Geruff II died after a long illness, the newly formed Federated Merchants of Kargasa began to petition the court immediately to dispute the borders between their member countries and Chereladi.


The Galleymasters' Guild supplied ships and slave crews to the Federation's side of the war, allowing them to harry supply lines and ports in Zlora and Pikae.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Peace Treaty of Glavnaya



Standing army at the beginning of the conflicts was excellent. As casualties mounted, King Geoff began conscripting able-bodied men to fight both on land and at sea.
Ground forces were largely volunteers.



Westerheim sought peace and to maintain their borders.
To expand their borders into Chereladi, Pikae, and Zlora; to establish monopoly over land trade lines and shipping avenues.

  • 603 AW


    Kargasa declares war on Zlora
    Military action

    Duke Somerled Crewe and the other heads of the Federated Merchants of Kargasa declared open war on Zlora.

  • 603 AW


    Chereladi declares war on Kargasa
    Military action

    In answer to requests from Zlora's heads of state, King Geoffrey Hadleigh-Morgan declared war on the Federated Merchants of Kargasa. Troops and ships were sent to Zlora to protect the country's shipping lanes and over-land supply roads.

  • 615 AW


    The Peace Treaty of Galavnaya signed
    Civil action

    The heads of state of Chereladi, Zlora, Pikae and the Federated Merchants of Kargasa met in Galavnaya to sign a peace treaty, ending the Border Wars.


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