Galleymasters' Guild

Part of The Federated Merchants of Kargasa. Represents the owners of merchant sailing ships based in the shipping ports of Thaeins. Also represents the owners, salesmen and suppliers of Black galley slaves.


Duke Jackson Moore presides over the registered guild members. He is assisted by a Viceroy, Scholar and a Treasurer.


Supplied both ships and slave crews to the Federation side of The Border Wars.
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
Slavers' Guild
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As part of the Federated Merchants of Kargasa, the Galleymasters' Guild and the Boatwrights' Guild are considered part of the same nation. That said, the boatwrights are frequently discomforted by their past associations with the galleymasters, especially in regards to the acquisition and use of Black galley slaves during the Border War.


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